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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Remedial Investigation

Final Remedial Investigation Report [July 2019]

The Remedial Investigation Report (RI) for the LPRSA characterizes the distribution of contaminants in sediment, surface water, and biota, their fate and transport, and the risks they pose to human and ecological receptors. The files that are part of the RI can be downloaded and reviewed by clicking on the links below:

Remedial Investigation Report (RI Report) Text
Appendix A – Navigation Channel and Bathymetry
Appendix B – Data Characterization Reports
Appendix C – Data Validation Reports (These reports can be provided upon request)
Appendix D – Risk Assessment Reports: BERA and HHRA
Appendix E – Electronic Data
Appendix F – Nature and Extent of Chemicals of Potential Concern Supporting Material: Biota
Appendix G – Evaluation of Contaminant Water Column
Appendix H – Supplementary Evaluations of Small Volume Chemical Water Column Monitoring Data
Appendix I – Details of Data Treatment for Sediment Core Analyses
Appendix J – Mapping of Contaminant Concentrations in Lower Passaic River Sediments
Appendix K – Section 4 Supporting Figures
Appendix L – Hydrodynamic Model of the LPR
Appendix M – Sediment Transport Model of the LPR
Appendix N – Organic Carbon Model of the LPR
Appendix O – Contaminant Fate and Transport Model for the Lower Passaic River Study Area
Appendix P – Bioaccumulation Model (This model is still under development)
Appendix AA – Regression Plots of Length versus Tissue Concentration for Biota