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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Risk Assessment

The partner agencies will use sediment, water, and biota data collected under "Sampling Activities" to describe how much risk the contaminants in the river pose to human health and the environment now and in the future under various remediation scenarios.

Final Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment [June 2019]

The baseline ecological risk assessment (BERA) presents the results of the ecological risk assessment prepared as part of the LPRSA remedial investigation/feasibility study of the 17.4-mile stretch of the Passaic River between Dundee Dam and Newark Bay. Click here to download the BERA report. Click here and expand the Risk Assessment\Passaic River 17-Mile list item for the appendices.

Final Baseline Human Health Risk Assessment [July 2017]

The purpose of the baseline human health risk assessment (BHHRA) is to provide risk managers with an understanding of the potential current and future risks to human health and the environment that may be posed by a site in the absence of remediation or exposure controls, and the uncertainties associated with the assessment, and to inform the public regarding risks. Click here to download the BHHRA report and here for the appendices.